Mirror Magic slot

The Mirror Magic Slot Created By Genesis Software

From the onset, players are immersed into a darker world of mystery and fantasy. The overall theme of this slot takes its inspiration from what can only be described as a possible parallel universe or reversed mirror to our human lives, as we know it. It’s these two parallel worlds that make for the perfect setting for the new parallax effect, which will be discussed later. The Mirror Magic Slot is made even more mystical with non-human characters and mysterious reel symbols appearing on the reels. Symbols include witches, dragons, mirrors, lions, horses and other images of the mysterious kind.

Developed and brought to the online market by Genesis Software, a leader in gaming innovations, the Mirror Magic Slot features a non-progressive jackpot of an impressive 2 000 coins, five reels and 25 pay lines. Recently released, this slot encompasses all the modern game features found in new game titles including scatters, wilds and free spins.

Suitable for all players, this slot machine offers a wide coin denomination starting from 0.01 coins to 10 coins for a minimum total wager of 0.25 or a maximum total wager of 250 credits. Pay lines are also adjustable with the number of pay lines activated set according to the player’s desires.

Seated at the top of the RTP ladder, the Mirror Magic slot theoretically offers a 97.16 percent return to slot players on average, which in the online gaming industry is considered to be very high.

A New Effect Set To Affect Players

Every gaming developer, through its online slot machine creations, seeks to boldly go where no slot developer has gone before; to venture into some undiscovered technological realm and find a never-before-seen-or-used technological element and use it within its slot creations. And when this new discovery finds its way into online games, it’s all about who can use it to their advantage and get as many games featuring this new element out to market first.

One such gaming developer is Genesis Software and one such techno gem making its way into more and more slot creations is the parallax effect. With technology moving into the 3D dimensional space and virtual reality becoming more popular, the day has come where slots would move further away from static, one dimensional layouts and graphics to appearances which border on the 3d plane.

In simple terms, parallax effect means that the Mirror Magic slot’s online background or graphics move with the pointer, whether the pointer is a PC mouse or a finger swiping the screen.  As the background now moves, it is shown with less clarity to make the reel symbols seem sharp, almost 3D like, and as if they were floating mid screen.

What Other Great Features Are On Offer?

Although categorised within the same box of other five-reel, 25 pay line slot machines from this developer, a few tweaks have been made to Mirror Magic slot to make it slightly different. First off, other slots of the same calibre feature multipliers where this game does not. But where there is a lack of multipliers, slot players will be even more delighted to find that a fun bonus game has been added in its place at many lucky nugget casinos in Canada. A Mirrored Pays Free Spins bonus game is triggered when three or more scatters land on the reels. Up to 20 free games can be awarded. When in this bonus game, check the pay table structure for us in the bonus game as payouts and symbol values differ from normal game play on the Mirror Magic slot.