Machine Gun Unicorn slot

Machine Gun Unicorn Slot Unwrapped

When unwrapping a themed slot game and looking at the different elements it is made of, one cannot help but see the very nature of those who created the slot through every in-game element, as well as stumble across that particular something which makes the game special.

With every technological layer of this slot game removed, the identity of the gaming developer, Genesis Software, is made clearer. Every slot developer is special in its own right; with every game it creates also holding something special within its virtual realm.

Without even describing this slot or unwrapping its first layer, on first glance of the title, players will already know that the Machine Gun Unicorn Slot certainly packs in a whole bunch of special sparkle thanks to some very special developers who seem to be bordering on crazy town with this title and theme.

Unwrapping this slot’s theme, it is evident that a whole lot of special brainstorming and conceptualising went in to creating a far-off interpretation of the battle of good and evil. The developer’s very special talents managed to combine two completely different realms of reality and dreamland to somehow brilliantly create an online mobile casino game world called Ponyland, which is invaded by zombies. How zombies managed to fly into this land up in the clouds seems unanswerable, but the Genesis Software developers did it.

Not only did they create one complete theme from two hard-to-relate ideas, but on top of that, the developer’s special creative skills even managed to create one character featuring two opposing characteristics called Machine Gun Unicorn. Who knew that a creature so sweet in appearance would boast blood covered weapons?

What Is The Special Element?

The Machine Gun Unicorn Slot boasts three rows; five reels and 10 pay lines. Don’t allow the mere 10 pay lines to stop you from enjoying the sparkly rewards on offer. The special element in this game that really draws players into its virtual realms is the new Two Way Pay feature.

Generally, payouts on standard slots happen from left to right, but how can that be applied to a slot, which is far from normal? So, given the arb theme, Genesis Developers then turned the normal payout structure on its head and offered both right to left and left to right payouts in the Machine Gun Unicorn Slot.

Expect Extra-Ordinary Fun

Perfect for both professional players and those looking to start off their online slot journey with a bang, and a little sparkle, this slot offers extra-ordinary fun. From stacked symbols and multipliers, to a fun addition called symbol bombs, which payout small wins when you only spin one wild symbol, this slot packs in mass amounts of action and entertainment.

Explosive action and animations is enjoyed frequently during gameplay with zombie head symbols exploding off the reels when the unicorn symbol appears at the same time and virtually shoots them. Where the Machine Gun Unicorn Slot lacks in scatter symbols, free spins or extra bonus games, it’s entire theme and in-game animations and graphics make up for it in spades, and sparkle.