Clay Pigeon Shooting

Betting On Clay Pigeon Shooting

When placing a wager on any clay pigeon shooting events it is important that bettors understand exactly what it is and how the sport works.

Clay pigeon shooting is shooting at flying targets which are known as clay pigeons or targets using a shotgun.  Clay pigeon shooting requires physical strength and mental ability.

All about Clay Pigeon Shooting

It has 20 disciplines or 20 different forms of competition.  These disciplines can be divided into 3 groups namely, trap, skeet and sporting.  Trap is where the targets are thrown from the machine used to throw the target which is the trap.  The traps are usually about 15 meters away from the shooter and the targets are launched away from the trap at different speeds, angles and heights.  The shooter will have the shotgun already mounted on the shoulder and then shout “pull” and the target will be released.  The traps are mostly operated electrically.

Down the Line

Down the line (DTL) is one of the more popular clay pigeon shooting disciplines and the targets are thrown at a distance of around 45 to 50 metres at a height of about 2.75 metres with a horizontal spread of around 22 degrees of the centre line.  A clay pigeon shooting squad has 5 shooters and each 1 will shoot at one target without moving until all of the shooters have shot at 5 targets.  The shooters then all move up 1 place to the right and they continue to shoot the targets from their stand and this continues until each shooter has shot at the target 25 times.

Scoring in clay pigeon shooting is done in the following way.  For a first barrel kill each target is worth 3 points.  A second barrel kill is worth 2 points and shooters receive a zero for a miss.

Olympic Trap

The Olympic trap is the discipline used in the Olympic Games.  This consists of 15 traps in groups of 3.  The shooter will take a turn at shooting at the target and then move clockwise to the next stand.  The shooter will call and the target is thrown.  Each shooter will receive the same target selection, but in a random order from 1 of the traps.  The Olympic targets are set up to travel 76 metres at different heights at a maximum 45 degree horizontal angle.  The scoring at the Olympics is 1 point for every target that is hit and is not dependent on a first or second barrel.


Skeet is where targets are thrown from 2 traps which are 40 meters apart on a semi-circular arc and there are several positions.  The targets are thrown at fixed trajectories and the main disciplines in skeet are National Skeet and Olympic Skeet.  Skeet scoring is 1 point for every target hit with a maximum of 25 targets.


The sporting discipline has targets which are thrown at a range of trajectories, angles, speeds, heights and distances.  The disciplines in this group include Sporting clays, FITSAC sporting, super sporting, sportrap and compak sporting.

Clay pigeon shooting is not that well known on sports & horse racing betting sites so bettors will have to look around for one that does offer wagers.  The most important event on the clay pigeon shooting calendar is the Olympics.  Having knowledge of the sport and the squads that take part will enable bettors to make an informed bet.