Batman Online Slots Overview

Batman by Amaya Games is a five reel and fifty payline online slot based on the classic comic book character known as Batman. Instead of taking directly from the various films that have been put out over the last twenty five years, Batman from Amaya Games focuses on the comic book side of things. This makes for a refreshing experience for the player as the comic book character and the character shown on screen are often quite different from each other.

It was actually in nineteen thirty nine that National Comics Publications, later to be known as DC comics, requested additional superheroes to be added to their line-up. This was after the massive success of Superman. Bob Kane then created the Bat Man. The first incarnation of Batman was quite different from the one that players can see on this slot. He wore red tights with boots but no gloves and also had a small domino type of mask. He also had two wings coming out of his back. It wasn’t until later that he was given a cape instead of wings and the cowl hood replaced the domino mask.

This super hero, when not dressed up in the now famous bat suit, goes by the name Bruce Wayne. He is a very rich businessman who uses his money to develop technology to fight crime. But instead of leaving it up to the police, Bruce takes it upon himself to deal with the problem head on. What sparks this is the witness of the murder of his parents when he is a child. Working out of Gotham, Bruce is determined to find his parent’s killer and bring them to justice. He is also working to rid Gotham city of its criminal element once and for all.


One of the first things the player will notice is the gritty background of this slot. Gotham, which is roughly based on New York City, is a large metropolis with quite a seedy underbelly. This is shown in different elements of the slot including the colour scheme and art style.

The symbols from this slot are taken directly from the comic and make up some of the iconography that any fan of the series will be familiar with. They include a grappling hook launcher and the joker card as the least valuable of the symbols. Next up is the joker’s yellow flower that shoots green acid and a bat shaped boomerang. The third set of symbols is the joker’s fake gun that shoots a red flag alongside the bat signal. The final set of symbols is the batmobile and the bat bike. Those symbols can be paired as two of a kind. Then there’s Commissioner Gordon and the Joker. Batman serves as the wild in this slot and the bat symbols serve as scatter and bonus symbols.

Bonus Feature

The most interesting bonus is the decent into madness feature. To activate this feature, the player must have Bonus Bet active and land three of the scatter logos.

They will then target inmates on the screen by throwing the batarang while working to defeat joker. Once this mini game is finished, the player is given a one hundred times multiplier.