Alchemist’s Lab

Make Your Own Fortune in the Alchemist’s Lab Online Slot

The Alchemist’s Lab is an entertaining online slot that is based around the theme of science and alchemy, which is an old mysterious belief that base metals can be transformed into gold using a mixture of science and magic. This classic three reel slot features a single payline and is a great online slot to try out especially if you’re new to the world of online gaming.

Although quite simple in its aesthetic, the Alchemist’s Lab features well-designed graphics, a user-friendly interface and entertaining sound effects that make it an enjoyable online casino game. The rules of this three reel slot are pretty simple to follow too and the maximum payout is 2 000 gold coins for an initial bet. Players also stand a chance of winning an exciting jackpot worth 10 000 gold coins when the maximum bet is wagered.

Overall, the Alchemist’s Lab is a great version of a classic three-reel slot that is ideal for beginners and anyone who has an interest in science and alchemy.

Aesthetics of the Alchemist’s Lab

As the name suggests, all the action takes place in the Alchemist’s lab, where players will encounter a range of strange, colourful potions that are housed in different sized flasks and chemical beakers, as well as golden coins, rings and secret manuscripts. The playing reel is flanked on each side by a large chemical flask holding a colourful potion. You’ll even notice the Alchemist’s manuscript in the background, as well as three bellows placed underneath the reels. The three bellows give players the option of betting on three different levels.

The reel symbols featured in the Alchemist’s Lab include golden coins, the Alchemist’s manuscript, gold rings as well as flasks holding red, green and blue potions. If three Alchemist’s manuscript symbols appear on the reels the bonus game is activated.

However, if you’re looking for the wild symbols, you’re fresh out of luck. Although the Alchemist’s Lab does not feature any wild or scatter symbols, players won’t feel like they’re missing much because the game makes up for it with exciting payouts and a fun bonus feature.

Exciting Bonus Feature

When the bonus round in the Alchemist’s Lab is triggered, players will be taken to a new screen where they will be presented with a selection of ten flasks filled with potions from which to choose from.  Choose any three potions and combine them using a touch of alchemy to create a gold ingot which represents your cash bonus. The bigger the size of the gold ingot the bigger the real money mobile casino cash prize.

Line Bets and Payouts

The Alchemist’s Lab offers players a range of betting options with more than one coin denomination to play per spin. Play anywhere between 0.01 to 1.00 per line bet and place a maximum of three coins each time you spin. Due to the fact the Alchemist’s Lab is a classic, three reel slot, the betting aspect of the game is pretty easy to grasp- yet another reason this is a great game to get stuck into if you’re a novice online slot player.